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Center for Holistic Dentistry’s Policy on Insurance

Our Primary Purpose

Here at Center for Holistic Dentistry our patient’s optimal oral health is our fundamental and primary purpose. In order to provide the highest echelon of holistic dental treatment we must allocate additional quality time with our patients for their dental treatment, invest in bio-compatible materials, provide alternative healing therapies and create a calm and customer service oriented environment.

Being out of network with dental insurance companies allows us to do the above and not allow any dental insurance company to dictate your treatment based on their bottom line. Rest assured that any dental treatment we recommend will be in your best interest and not factor what insurance deems “allowable” into the equation. We believe that the doctor and the patient must make oral health decisions that are not conditional to the red tape and bureaucracy that dental insurances profit from. The outcome is the highest quality of holistic dental treatment and our patients’ optimum oral health.

Not Covered Benefits

Ozone therapy, SAFE mercury removal, laser therapy and other holistic dental therapies ARE NOT A COVERED BENEFIT by ANY insurance company. These services are paid in full by the patient and are an out of pocket expense not eligible for reimbursement by insurance.

Dental Insurance Companies We Do Not Accept as Payment:

This is the list of some of the dental insurance companies we do not accept as payment. You will be responsible in full for any dental treatment rendered. We will provide you with a superbill to submit to your dental insurance and they will reimburse you directly based on your plan’s benefits.

  • Medicaid
  • Medical
  • Blue Shield

Dental Insurances We Accept as Payment (Out of Network):

This is a list of some of the dental insurance companies we will accept as payment and collect your patient portion for. Any treatment not paid by the insurance company is the patients financial responsibility. We will submit dental claims and collect a payment for a portion of your dental treatment from these insurance companies.

Dental Insurance We Accept as Payment (In Network)

Delta Dental Premier and PPO (with Premier’s fee schedule) are the ONLY dental insurance company we are in network providers for and we will submit claims directly to them on your behalf and collect your copay. With Delta Dental there are maximum allowances per year. We will not be able to give you an estimate on service until you are a patient and we run your pre-treatment authorizations.

If you don’t see your insurance carrier above we are always happy to answer any dental insurance questions you may have and always look to get you the most we can back from the insurance companies as we understand your desire to utilize these benefits to the fullest. Please understand dental insurance companies do not cover a majority of the cost for your optimal dental care but we are always willing to work with you to maximize your benefits.
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Center for Holistic Dentistry

Center for Holistic Dentistry provides Biological and Biomimetic dental treatment to help patients maintain a holistic healthy lifestyle and a happy smile. Quality of our services include excellent holistic, cosmetic and general dentistry treatments and friendly customer care. Standardized methods, latest equipment and biocompatible materials are used as patient health and wellbeing are taken as a major priority at the facility. Dr. Altman and Dr. Dalwani are committed to providing the best suited dental treatment for all her patients with individualized care to fit their requirements.

Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation and Recognition

Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of American Dental Association
Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of California Dental Association
Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of West Los Angeles Dental Society