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Invisalign at Center for Holistic Dentistry, Los Angeles

Invisalign, Dentist Los Angeles Straightening your teeth has never been easier! Invisalign has revolutionized the world of orthodontics, giving patients a comfortable, convenient, cosmetic solution. No longer does closing gaps and correcting misalignment mean wearing bulky, highly visible metal braces.

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile

Dr. Dalwani often recommends Invisalign for patients of Center for Holistic Dentistry, and not necessarily for cosmetic reasons. Naturally, it is a great solution if you are bothered by the appearance of crooked teeth. What if the misalignment isn’t visibly noticeable?

The potential effects of misalignment include:
  • Excessive tooth wear and enamel loss
  • Periodontal problems including gum recession
  • Tooth sensitivity, particularly along the gum line
These symptoms are often misdiagnosed as an effect of overly aggressive brushing or abrasive toothpastes. If you’ve tried softer brushes, gentler techniques, and non-abrasive toothpastes to no avail, the real problem could be uneven bite pressure caused by tooth misalignment.

A clearly beautiful solution

In the past, most adults resisted orthodontics for cosmetic reasons. Who wants to greet a colleague or client with an adolescent metallic smile? Traditional braces can be just as embarrassing in social situations. Invisalign solves the problem with transparent aligners, which are nearly impossible to see when you smile – and appearance isn’t the only benefit!
  • Removable aligners make oral hygiene simple
  • Because there are no brackets and wires to trap food, Invisalign patients are less likely to suffer post-treatment cavities or stains than people with traditional braces experience
  • There are no dietary restrictions, since aligners are not worn during meals
  • Exclusive software plans treatment and provides a virtual simulation of results so you know what to expect
If you are considering orthodontic treatment for health or cosmetic reasons, ask Dr. Dalwani if Invisalign is right for you. Call our Los Angeles office at (310) 340-0153 to schedule an appointment.

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Center for Holistic Dentistry - Mamta Dalwani, D.D.S

Center for Holistic Dentistry provides Biological and Biomimetic dental treatment to help patients maintain a holistic healthy lifestyle and a happy smile. Quality of our services include excellent holistic, cosmetic and general dentistry treatments and friendly customer care. Standardized methods, latest equipment and biocompatible materials are used as patient health and wellbeing are taken as a major priority at the facility. Dr. Dalwani is committed to providing the best suited dental treatment for all her patients with individualized care to fit their requirements.

Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation and Recognition

Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of American Dental Association
Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of California Dental Association
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