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Three things patients in Los Angeles need to know about porcelain veneers

Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles area
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Have you ever watched a television show and marveled at how perfect the star’s teeth looked – straight, even, and white? While some people have naturally dazzling smiles, many rely on enhancement with porcelain veneers to look their best. Dr. Mamta Dalwani helps patients from Brentwood to Los Angeles get the look they want, in just two visits.

When veneers are a good choice

The word “veneer” literally means “a thin decorative covering,” and that aptly describes a dental veneer. It is a layer of material, about half a millimeter thick or less, which is adhered to the front surface of a tooth. While veneers provide some structural support, they are intended for improvement in the aesthetics of the smile.

Dr. Dalwani may suggest veneers to correct these cosmetic issues:

  • Imperfections in enamel – Veneers cover chips and cracks that look unsightly and tend to grab stains. Maybe your teeth have natural grooves, pits, or bumps, or have become scratched from abrasive toothpaste. Veneers restore a lustrous, smooth finish.
  • Inconsistent shape or size – Do lateral incisors (the flat teeth on either side of the central two) look short. Are your “canines” noticeably long? Do you see more pink gum tissue than white teeth when you smile? Dr. Dalwani brings the visible size and shape of each “smile tooth” into harmony with veneers.
  • Unusual wear – In some cases, veneers can be a solution for teeth that are worn down, causing them to look short, have flattened edges, or show internal layers. More information about this follows.
  • Poor alignment – Veneers are not a substitute for orthodontic treatment for severe crookedness or bite issues. However, minor misalignment can be easily disguised with veneers that adjust the appearance of shifted, overlapped, or twisted teeth.
  • Spaces between teeth – Gaps spoil the symmetry of your smile and create food traps that make brushing and flossing more challenging. That can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Veneers close unwanted spaces.
  • Undesirable color – Your teeth may be healthy and clean, yet have a dull yellowish or gray tone. It could be a hereditary trait, or caused by enamel thinning with age, allowing dentin substructure to show through. You can select a veneer shade to restore natural color or bring a higher level of brilliance to your smile.

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Most patients with reasonably good oral and overall health are candidates for dental veneers. However, it is important to address existing tooth decay before having veneers treatment, and to get gum disease under control.

Most smokers have gum disease to some degree. The material used to make veneers resists stains from foods and beverages, but tar and chemicals in smoke can discolor the bonding compound that holds veneers in place. If you smoke, please consider quitting – for your health and your smile.

If you brux (clench, gnash, or grind excessively – especially at night), teeth may have resulting chips, fractures, or wear. Veneers may not be an appropriate treatment choice for severe bruxers. For milder cases, Dr. Dalwani recommends wearing a night guard to protect veneers from bruxing damage, and to relieve strain on jaws and teeth.

All materials are not the same

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Composite resin material – a compound of tooth-colored plastic and finely powdered glass – can be suitable for veneering a single tooth, or as temporary veneers. Porcelain, however, is the premier material for veneers. This hard, shiny dental ceramic mimics translucency of tooth enamel, and looks beautifully natural.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Dalwani works with the safest materials available in Los Angeles. The doctor uses non-toxic bonding agents, and ceramics that are biocompatible and bioinert. The veneers are fabricated at a professional dental laboratory, using the highest quality porcelain.

Skill and experience are essential

All dentists licensed to practice in the state of California receive broad-based training in dental hygiene and restorative techniques. Cosmetic dentistry, though, requires a special combination of technical skill, attention to the smallest details, and natural artistry – an eye for color and balance. Dr. Dalwani takes special interest in holistic dentistry with a focus on aesthetics. She genuinely enjoys the meticulous veneers process, and most of all seeing the smiles of patients light up when the procedure is complete.

Would you like to learn more about the porcelain veneers process, and caring for your new radiant smile? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dalwani at Center for Holistic Dentistry in Los Angeles. The number is (310) 340-0153.


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Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation and Recognition

Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of American Dental Association
Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of California Dental Association
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