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What is the benefit of integrating ozone therapy into dental treatments in Los Angeles, CA area practice?

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At the Center for Holistic Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Mamta Dalwani and her team provide solutions for the smile that are biocompatible. She wants to ensure that everything performed on the smile is safe and effective for the entire body. This is why she integrates ozone therapy into many of her dental treatments. She finds that the benefits of ozone treatment provide patients with faster healing and recovery. along with a better way to target bacteria.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone is a type of oxygen that has been used for many years as a therapeutic gas, having been extensively researched and studied over time. This natural substance has been used to enhance dental procedures commonly performed in dental practices and provides a more calming yet effective solution for many concerns. Ozone is known to:

  • Improve natural blood flow in the mouth
  • Facilitate faster healing
  • Reduce the risk of infection post-surgery
  • Kill fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms immediately
  • Be biocompatible with the body
  • Safe and effective for treatment of disease and cavities

How is ozone therapy administered?

Ozone is administered through a special device that connects to trays worn by the patient. Each patient has a series of impressions completed so the dentist can fabricate their unique tray. The trays fit over the dental arch and provide proper distribution of the ozone gasses to all the teeth in the smile. The ozone machine is turned on and the gas is applied for several minutes for each arch. The trays are then kept in the dental office for future treatments so new ones will not need to be made for each visit.

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When to use ozone therapy

Dr. Mamta Dalwani of the Center for Holistic Dentistry finds that many patients benefit from the use of ozone therapy in conjunction with other dental services available in the office. She may integrate ozone therapy before applying a dental sealant or prior to placing a crown or filling to address bacteria and disinfect the tooth. Ozone therapy is also integrated into procedures used to treat periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can impact the smile in a negative manner but can be controlled with the help of ozone therapy and a proper oral hygiene every day. Ozone therapy can even be used along with a standard tooth cleaning. Many patients love the advantages of using ozone therapy and can have it performed each time they visit the dentist for a healthier smile!

Side effects of ozone therapy

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Because ozone gas is safe to use for dental purposes, patients will not experience any side effects or problems following their treatment. It can be integrated into almost any dental procedure and is safe, effective, and non-invasive. Patients are welcome to ask about the use of ozone therapy in our practice and find out more about how it works to determine if they are interested.

Who is a candidate?

There are no specifications required for a patient to be considered an appropriate candidate for ozone therapy. We often recommend ozone for patients who have upcoming dental procedures or who want to address bacteria in the mouth which may be contributing to the development of periodontal disease. Ozone therapy can be used in conjunction with many services in our office including cosmetic, general, and restorative procedures. Patients in and around the area of Los Angeles, CA are welcome to visit our practice to learn about this and many other holistic treatments used in our state-of-the-art practice. We encourage patients to educate themselves on how they can use our biocompatible services to enhance their smiles.

Ready to discuss ozone therapy with a dental professional?

Call Dr. Mamta Dalwani and her team at the Center for Holistic Dentistry to learn more about this and other solutions for the smile. Her friendly front office staff can be reached to make an appointment by calling (310) 340-0153 and visiting the practice at 12381 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 103. We are committed to helping patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles for life with preventative services such as this.


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Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation and Recognition

Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of American Dental Association
Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of California Dental Association
Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of West Los Angeles Dental Society