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Using ozone dentistry with dental treatments in Los Angeles for a healthy smile!

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At the Center for Holistic Dentistry in Los Angeles, patients can enjoy a wide selection of dental treatments from Dr. Mamta Dalwani. We offer healthy dentistry solutions that can be integrated into your next appointment, including the use of ozone therapy.

Why ozone?

Ozone is used to destroy bacteria, fungus, viruses, and other microorganisms, which improves cellular function and can promote healing of damaged tissues. This therapy is often highly touted by dentists in Los Angeles, as they have found that it can be combined with other treatments in the dental office without side effects.

What does Dr. Mamta Dalwani use ozone therapy for?

Ozone therapy can be used for the treatment of many conditions which may include:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Reducing tooth sensitivity
  • Disinfecting the smile

Addressing tooth decay in a natural way!

One of the primary uses of ozone therapy is to disinfect cavities before filling them.

Periodontal disease treatment

Gum disease is an infection that occurs in the periodontal tissues and can have negative effects on the health, beauty, and function of the teeth. When patients have developed periodontal disease, they need to seek treatment as soon as they get an accurate diagnosis. Instead of undergoing extensive procedures such as scaling and root planing to bring the smile back to health, patients can ask their dentist about the advantages of using ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is non-invasive and can reach below the gum line to administer ozone for destroying the bacteria without the need for antibiotics or other interventions.

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Treating the sensitivity of teeth

Patients who struggle with sensitive teeth may be told that they need to use tooth-strengthening or prescription toothpastes to reduce sensitivity. However, there may be a better way. Many patients have sensitive teeth because the enamel is thinner. With the use of ozone therapy, patients can strengthen their teeth. This is because ozone therapy hardens the structure of the natural tooth.

What are the benefits of ozone therapy with dental treatments?

Ozone therapy is:

  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Side effect free
  • Versatile
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Noninvasive

How is ozone therapy administered?

Brighter lady smilling with showing her brighter teeth

When patients have dental treatments done at the practice of Dr. Mamta Dalwani and choose to integrate ozone therapy, they often want to know how it is administered. Patients come into our practice and have impressions made of their smile. These impressions are used in fabricating special trays. The trays are kept at the dental office and used when patients undergo ozone therapy in our practice. The trays are worn and connected to a device that administers the ozone to the trays and to the teeth and gums. Patients relax while they wear the trays and enjoy treatment, which is not painful or uncomfortable at all. After ozone therapy is done, patients will be able to have it completed at any future point without having to have another impression or tray fabricated. The team at the Center for Holistic Dentistry stores the trays in the office for future use.

What can patients expect after therapy?

There are no side effects to ozone therapy, just faster healing. Our patients love combining this therapy into their dental appointments to maintain their oral health and wellness over time without invasive or non-biocompatible treatments or materials.

If you are interested in more holistic solutions for the smile, contact Dr. Mamta Dalwani today!

Our team of professionals here at the Center for Holistic Dentistry encourage patients to find out more about the benefits of integrating ozone therapy into their upcoming dental treatments. Contact our facility today, located at 12381 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 103 by calling (310) 340-0153 . We welcome new patients in and around Los Angeles, California for comprehensive dental care.

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Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation and Recognition

Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of American Dental Association
Dr. Mamta Dalwani is a Member of California Dental Association
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