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Our Holistic Philosophy on Dentistry

"A preventative approach to Cosmetic Dentistry, focusing on the overall balance and harmony of the body"

Our philosophy of health care is to treat each patient as an individual. We understand that each patient is different, being in their dental and cosmetic needs, as well as their personal views and beliefs. That is why here at the Santa Monica Center for Cosmetic and Holistic Dentistry, we provide you with an ultimate one-on-one relationship, to help better your understanding of treatment. Our goal is to provide each patient with a healthy, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime, and improve their overall health and wellness. At the core of this biological approach to dentistry is the recognition of the mouth as a micro-environment of the body with the potential to reflect changes in the health of the whole person.

When dental well-being exists, the mouth is free of any source of systemic or dental stress.

Dental Stress Can Be Caused By:
• Decaying teeth
• Infection of the teeth and gums
• Allergy or toxicity related to dental materials
• Electromagnetic fields created by reactive dental metals
• Discoloration / disfigurement of the teeth
• Imbalance of the bite or misalignment of the jaws

Regular checkups and oral health maintenance prevent the development of serious dental problems that can require costly treatment.

Procedures During an Exam
• A thorough health history
• Soft tissue and existing restoration examination
• Periodontal Examination
• A set of individual digital x-rays (which reduce the amount of radiation by up to 90%)
• A panoramic x-ray (if necessary)
• x-ray of the TM joints (if necessary)
• Mounted diagnostic models (if necessary)
Testing of dental materials and current mouth conditions in relation to the body